Happy Diamond Jubilee

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The toddler looked around the bank and smiled. “Acceleration,” she pronounced. Or at least that’s what it sounded like.

She was about two; wearing spotted wellingtons and an Alice band from which bobbed twin union flags in the shape of crowns. A child’s fascinator.

“What?” asked her parent.

“Celebration,” she said, rather more clearly, and in case she still wasn’t understood, waved her arms at the bunting draped across the walls.

A Cat Above the Rest

As those of you know who follow this blog, the cat I write about now, my sweet ginger ninja, is not the cat with whom I first shared this page. A boy of decided opinions, and strong personality, I’m sure had he been literate, the page would be called CatandIsobel. Or possibly, Cat.

He converted this dog person into a cat appreciator, kidnapped my heart and proceeded to conquer my friends and family, as well as making me new friends from his own large circle of admirers.

It sounds like a big claim, but he changed my life. He was a tie, a responsibility, a worry. All those things that people say when they tell you why they don’t want pets. Things I had agreed with. But he gave more than he took, even when he didn’t know it. A visit from Cat brightened Mother’s day. He sliced through her dementia to the animal lover she remains. She was proud that I could let him out of the car and he would walk straight up her garden path to greet her.

When she hovered between life and death last March, he slept on her bed, and she beamed to see him there.
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