The Gentlest Ginger

It must be hard, when you have puffed up your tail, eyeballed the intruder on the wall, and positioned yourself on the ground where you expect him to land, to find yourself ignored as though you were completely insignificant.
The intruder who has met NotCat before and must have decided that such a sweet natured boy posed no threat, merely jumped down to NotCat’s left and found himself a comfy spot to sleep in the flowerbed. He didn’t seem that worried about me either, unlike the last time we met.
He even let me close enough to take this photograph without being alarmed.

A Comfy Spot

NotCat slunk to a spot where he could keep an eye on him, and then took up a sleep spot a yard or so away from him in the same flowerbed. I settled down to some paperwork at the other end of the garden. After a bit NotCat joined me. He didn’t look entirely happy, I thought. Then he relocated to the branches of the cherry tree, one of his favourite places. Continue reading

Tree Cat

I spent some time in the late afternoon sitting in the garden reading. At first, NotCat roamed about, then he sat beside me, then he bounced off and I could hear his bell jingling. After a while I realised I hadn’t heard him for quite a few minutes. I looked and saw his bottom in the tree. I walked around to the other side and took this picture.

Tree Cat

My little leopard.

Tree-climbing Not Cat

Not Cat has had two sessions in the garden today. Both involved racing up trees.
Like Cat, he loves the cherry tree and returned to it several times.
Also like Cat, he found racing up the birch tree much easier than getting down, but unlike Cat, he was prepared to voice his distress, rather than doing the macho thing and pretending he wanted to be there until eventually descending in a less than elegant rush.