Three Cultural Events in One Week and Fatima for PM

If I had a halo this week it would have a cultural hue. Three evenings out with Celia enjoying the printed word and its practitioners.

Monday saw us at a very couth venue in west London. They do things differently in Notting Hill these days. It’s a far cry from the place I knew in the 1980s, and Celia had digs there she described as grotty when training to be a teacher. Digs close by the venue.

It was an ex Baptist church, now replete with bar and disco ball. We went to listen to five authors and didn’t realise we should have got there early to nab places at a round table and buy a bottle of wine. We sat at the back on seats that were less comfortable than they looked.

But it was worth it. One of the five writers was Helen Macdonald who wrote H is for Hawk. She is an entertaining and unpretentious speaker. I bought her book for Aunt a while ago. Aunt’s AMD is making progress slow, but she was delighted to find that much of the book is set not far from her home. When I bought my own copy after the talk and Helen Macdonald signed it, I asked where she lived as the slides she shared showed a landscape that looked very familiar. It turns out she lives in the village where Mother had her flat in the very sheltered housing scheme. That would explain it.

I shall look out for her at the pub. It’s the one Aunt liked so much and wants to visit again.

Aunt is not feeling great. She is having difficulty swallowing and losing more weight. She will probably have a stent inserted on Tuesday. Tonight she was talking as though she expected to have only weeks to live. I trust she is wrong. Work stops me going to see her at the moment, but it sounds as though I had better get busy making nourishing soups.

On Wednesday Celia were back in familair post codes, taking the bus to Canada Water and another statement library in Southwark, this time by Piers Gough. It has quite eclipsed Will Alsop’s Peckham creation, and is a great space. We were there for a Quick Reads event with Sophie Hannah and Fanny Brice. Coincidentally, Sophie Hannah goes to the same pub mentioned above.

Celia’s husband asked her what Quick Reads were about. She explained they are aimed at people who do not necessarily think of themselves as readers, maybe they are struggling with literacy. He didn’t seem to think we were quite the target audience. Perhaps she forgot to mention the charity is sponsored by Galaxy, and as well as receiving two free books, we could also expect a large bar of chocolate. He found out later as Celia generously shared her chocolate with him. I guess that’s what a good marriage is about. Continue reading


Yellow is a colour I associate with Easter, and so, it seems does my seven-year-old neighbour (the one who lives with Rosie the Cat). I know this because I received an Easter greeting from her this morning with the words Happy Easter in yellow and purple, and again in red and green. They were labelled helpfully with a luminous marker, Easter Colours and Christmas Colours. So now you know. She wished me lots of chocolate, and I haven’t had any yet, but that can be rectified later. Actually she wished me lots off chocolate, but I think that was just a bit of over enthusiasm with her curly letter fs.
It may have been her greeting that stayed with me, because when I went out for a walk a bit later, I started to see yellow everywhere. After a while I began to photograph it. Continue reading