I think NotCat may have just made his first kill. A sparrow.
I saw him from the window with something his mouth. I went out, hoping, if anything, it was a mouse.
He was very pleased with himself, standing over the very dead bird. Now he is batting it about.
I think he expected some praise from me too, not the string of despairing expletives I unleashed.
Maybe he found the bird already dead. I only have circumstantial evidence. I didn’t see him catch it.
Cat used to catch mice and play with them. A game of hide-and-seek, it looked like. They usually got away. I was quite good at distracting him.
When NotCat found a shrew last summer it had definitely been dead for some time. He tried to bring it into Mother’s flat. When he caught a live frog, a live shrew, lots of grasshoppers, he did the same. He wanted to play with them.
So it’s only a faint hope, but I am holding onto it, that this sparrow was already dead when he found it.
I have attached another bell to his collar.