Monday Miscellany

I was watching Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 news interviewing a woman in Syria who is sticking absolutely to one line. Krishan is polite but insistent when she claims that her side is suffering few casualties. He’s witnessed the fighting, the casualties cannot be as minimal as she suggests. It’s frustrating all round; for Krishnan who isn’t getting answers; for the interviewee who is not a fluent English speaker.

The gap between different sides is evident in so many of the arguments we see on the news. Brexit is once more grabbing headlines. I just heard that dread phrase ‘the will of the people’ again a few minutes ago. It’s a phrase that simultaneously makes me rage and makes me depressed. The will of the people is presumably all the people. So as the referendum result was so close, I cannot see any justification for a Hard Brexit regardless of what Jacob Rees-Mogg and his 61 cronies want; talk about the tail trying to wag the dog.

Across the pond there has been yet another school shooting, where a young man with evident mental health issues combined with a taste for guns and the politics of the far right killed seventeen of the students at the school from which he had been expelled. This is horrific on so many levels. It seems that concerns were raised about this youth; this massacre could have been avoided. We have seen composed and articulate survivors speaking out against the culture of guns in the US, we have seen less of survivors who have injuries that will scar their bodies as well as their minds for the rest of their lives. Continue reading


Cold Cats

There was a sprinkling of snow this morning. Maybe it was forecast, I don’t know. It soon vanished and today has been a bit warmer thank goodness. Not exactly balmy, so don’t imagine us out and about in summer frocks, fanning ourselves to keep cool. It’s still multiple layer weather, and when I head out again to work in a few minutes I shall swap what I am wearing for clothes with greater insulation.

Last night I was up and down the stairs repeatedly as MasterB tried to decide whether he wanted to go out or not. On the whole he thought not. I believe his decision was complicated by the need to pee, as once he had achieved that objective in the litter tray, he seemed much calmer about the whole business.

Pink Nose

Pink Nose

He had had a trying afternoon. I had come home shortly after lunchtime and Cookie was there to greet me, even hoisting her tail into the upright position. Her humans must have been out. I was her passport to warmth and a snack. She wanted to settle and sleep. Her presence was like a wasp sting to MasterB. He walked backwards and forwards; played rough games with a feathered toy and the rug; meowed at me in demanding tones.
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Back on the Bus?

I’ve been thinking this week that the time has come to hang up my cycle clips. It’s getting cold; it’s getting dark; I’m not reading as much as I like.

I’ve enjoyed the cycling, and I’m certainly more confident – at least when I’m on my regular route – than I was a few months ago, but I’ve never claimed to be the gung-ho all weathers type of cyclist. Continue reading