Of Dead Batteries, Kaput Kindles, Journeys Not Taken, and Margaret Attwood

Today has not gone to plan. I suppose that’s not unusual. My life isn’t run on military lines. But tonight I was supposed to be at the marina, aboard das Boot, and I’m not. I’m at home in London. My car battery has been playing up. I don’t drive very often, and thought that was probably the problem. So I checked it last night and the car started at once. This morning, as I began to pile bits and pieces into the boot, I thought I should check again before I got as far as loading the cat. Just as well. It was as dead as a dodo.
The garage made herculean efforts and got me a battery by early afternoon, but by that time I had decided to cut my losses and get on with things here. So, the new router is now set up and the old one advertised on Freecycle. No takers yet. I stocked up o frozen fruit for my next cake baking at the weekend, Continue reading


Reading for Pleasure

Decisions decisions. Which book to read next? There’s the Anne Michaels’ one I’ve been hoarding, Black Water Rising by Attica Locke, or another Dr Siri mystery. I’ll read them all in time, I know, but just now I’m feeling spoilt for choice.

The Anne Michaels’ one is the story of which I have the highest expectations. Her first novel, Fugitive Pieces is one the best books I have ever read. It’s taken her about ten years to write a second one, so it’s not like she’s likely to publish another one any time soon. Maybe I should continue hoarding yet awhile.

I don’t know anything about Attica Locke. I’ve never heard of her. But her book was one of those shortlisted for the Orange Prize last year, and I bought the lot from The Book People for some ridiculously low price. Apart from the Rosie Alison, I’ve enjoyed everything on the list.

So, that leaves the Dr Siri mystery. It’s called Curse of the Pogo Stick. I’d tried to get it from the library, but they didn’t have it. It’s probably the slimmest of the three books, but to be honest, I can’t tell, because it’s my first purchase for my new Kindle, so even War and Peace, which I also got for my kindle, but that was free, doesn’t take up any room. Continue reading