April already, where does the time go?

The garden tulips are almost in flower, but I have cheated with some shop bought cut ones.

Red tulip

Red tulip

Vase of tulips

Vase of tulips

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Ghost Leaves

At this time of year, I love the way the leaves leave impressions on the pavements; their ghostly images  stencilled on concrete.

Today I took some pictures of them.

Let’s just say the results were rather dull.

Now if you follow this blog, you’ll know I am not a great fan of editing photos, adjusting the temperature, saturation etc. I think it’s probably a hang up from my SLR photography days, and a misguided desire for photographic truth. A truth I don’t hesitate to suppress when I delete out of focus pictures. So I thought I’d have a bit of a play. Continue reading


Celia is considering a new online name, though for the life of me I can’t recall what she was suggesting when I saw her two days ago at a fabulous lecture at the Museum of London on the finds by the Walbrook. If it ends up being Pompeii, we’ll know the lecture had quite an impact.

I don’t think it had anything to do with allotments, but last week she was very keen I should photograph the nasturtiums growing at the back of Octavia’s plot.

It’s only looking at the photos that it strikes me how the predominant colour is orange. My own nasturtiums have been predominantly yellow. Why is that? I have grown them beside the tomatoes and peppers to distract the aphids, and some stems are covered in black fly.

I first grew nasturtiums seven floors up. Aphids weren’t a problem. Are they afraid of heights? Anyway, that summer I ate a lot of nasturtiums. The flowers have a delicate flavour, but if you can be patient and wait for them to form a seed, they are yummy; a peppery flavour that made me turn my back on capers.

Naturally, I didn’t only photograph nasturtiums, but it’s late; I need to fetch MasterB indoors, fend off Cookie’s attempts to turn the flat into a ménage à trois, and get to bed. By the way, have you been loving the programmes about cat watching on the BBC as I have? I have learned so much.


Colour Me Beautiful, or Not

As a child, I saw every day objects as male and female; the ones I remember most clearly were knives and forks. I saw knives as female, forks as male, but someone had told me that a gentleman always walks on a lady’s right hand side and table place setting arrangements bothered me because of this.

I have always seen ordinal squences in a spatial arrangement and, until I read this article in The Observer last weekend, believed this was how everyone saw them.

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A Day Out of London

I managed a quick meal between games.
I have been out all day, and MasterB was flatteringly pleased to see me. He wanted to play. So he has been doing athletic leaps and dives after various toys I have tossed in the air; chased convincingly after bouncy things, and then left them like a footballer who sees the ball is going out of play; been very competitive in a game of tug of war with the multicoloured string that was once wrapped around a mouse toy until Mother unravelled it; headbutted, purred and enjoyed some rumbustious playfighting. Now he has gone out into an evening where the weather has anticipated Wimbledon by around ten days. Yes, tonight it is grey and damp in London.
Yesterday, I downloaded a couple of apps onto the iPad for him to play with. Nephew had assured me that his friend’s cat loves them. MasterB watched, but didn’t seem to understand that he was supposed to pat the screen, or rather he did pat the screen a couple of times, getting a rather miserly score, but seemed disinclined to repeat the performance. String is evidently superior.

Cat App

Cat App

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Yellow is a colour I associate with Easter, and so, it seems does my seven-year-old neighbour (the one who lives with Rosie the Cat). I know this because I received an Easter greeting from her this morning with the words Happy Easter in yellow and purple, and again in red and green. They were labelled helpfully with a luminous marker, Easter Colours and Christmas Colours. So now you know. She wished me lots of chocolate, and I haven’t had any yet, but that can be rectified later. Actually she wished me lots off chocolate, but I think that was just a bit of over enthusiasm with her curly letter fs.
It may have been her greeting that stayed with me, because when I went out for a walk a bit later, I started to see yellow everywhere. After a while I began to photograph it. Continue reading