The Coronavirus Diaries, 25th February 2021

So much good stuff today. I am quite excited. So it seems appropriate to have a Pointer Sisters moment now.

My friend Chris told me she and her partner have both had their first vaccinations. What? I was jealous. She told me to look online and see if I could book one. I was sceptical, but guess what? tomorrow I am booked in for the jab. Woohoo! B is going to be my vaccination buddy, so we shall walk the mean streets in February sunshine tomorrow morning. Is it going to be Pfizer? I don’t know. Watch this space.

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Calendars, Comedy and Supersoakers

The Ginger Ninja 2017 calendars have arrived. It’s always an oddly exciting moment. Tonight I’ve been slipping them into the cellophane sleeves, putting them with the stiffened envelopes to stop them being bent in transit, writing the addresses on the first ones to go in the post tomorrow.