Feathered Conspiracy

I am starting to suspect a conspiracy against my boy. It began with the wagtail. Normally, I like the wagtail, but it leads my boy astray and into the path of moving cars. Why is it always there, temptingly on the other side of the street, when I let him out on the morning? Could it be a trap? Do the crows from their high nests watch for the moment when I put his collar on and reach for the keys? Has there been a tweeting from the time the shutters are folded back; a synchronising of feathers; birds taking up positions oh so casually to funnel him into danger; blackbirds on high branches; pigeons perilously close to the main road; the wagtail diagonally across from the front door by the blind corner.
So I shepherd him into the garden, and hope he stays there and that the birds roll up their plans and fly out of his reach in safer environment.