The Coronavirus Diaries, 19th July 2020

I slept badly last night. Or rather I found it hard to get to sleep last night. There is a difference. MasterB was out and about. I washed my face, cleaned my teeth and went to get him in. No sign. I walked around the square. No sign. Then I spotted Romeo in the garden. Perhaps the boy was trapped under a car. I knelt on the asphalt and peered beneath undercarriages. Nothing. I started to walk the square again. I admit I was starting to panic. No sign of a little ginger body in the gutter, but had he been lifted? was he trapped in a shed someone had closed for the night? Lights were going out in all the houses. Everyone else was settling down to sleep. I jingled my keys, usually that is all it takes for the Boy to appear. Nothing. I scanned the community beds where I know he likes to lurk. I looked back toward the flats and there was a cat by the gate. It looked like MasterB. It was MasterB. Continue reading

The Coronavirus Diaries, 14th June 2020

My mental health day was a success. I have returned home feeling  stronger and happier. The world seems a bigger, better place with more possibilities. There were more people on the train than I had anticipated, but it was still easy to keep apart. The bus only accepts twenty passengers, and fortunately for me that number had not been reached when I boarded the bus this morning or the one this evening.

I heard a cuckoo calling in the woods, met several friendly dogs, one friendly cat who bore more than a passing resemblance to MasterB, though with very short whiskers, and lots of very friendly people. My faith in human nature went a long way to being restored.

Short whiskered MasterB lookalike

It helped that the weather was gorgeous, warm without being hot. I ate chips while I sat on a bench looking at a river and no gull bothered me. I chose streets where I’d like to live. I had a chat with a talkative toddler. Continue reading