Pictures from a Walk

I thought I might catch up on other blogs I follow, but Reader is not playing, so that will have to wait. Maybe I'll manage to post some pictures from my walk this afternoon.






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The Cool of the Evening

More by luck than judgement I left London as summer suddenly reached for the high temperatures. “It's too hot, ” said Celia in an email earlier today. Here, in the depths of the Derry countryside it's warm and sunny, and just the right side of comfortable. There's a breeze this evening, and I am sitting at the back of the house, in the shade, planning to make a soup from Cousin's abundant parsley crop. She also has an abundant broccoli crop, and we have been looking at ways to cook the leaves. The three dogs are trotting in and out of the houses. Cousin's son and daughter-in-law are still resident in the granny annexe next door while they build a mansion up the road. If they were to add another storey it would be as big as the whole block of flats where I live in London.

For the first time ever there are no cats. The Big Cat succumbed to old age one day at the edge of winter; Fido, the ginger and white cat, still youthful, died in his sleep in a favourite spot on top of the tumble dryer. His death was a shock and a mystery. Fido dealt with Pip, but Cousin is reluctant to bring a new feline into the household while Pip and his issues are still next door neighbours.

Cousin's friend, with whom I have enjoyed jaunts to the John Hewitt Summer School, swapped books and spent many happy hours, is in hospital in Antrim, so that's where we were last night. She has had treatment for cancer since the start of the year, hopefully this is now the end of it and she'll make a good recovery. We talked about Aunt, the Earl Bishop, and looked at an anthology of Irish poetry she had in her room. Nurses came and went, Cousin's friend had her meds which included a sleeping pill, and gradually her conversation became more slurred until she stopped talking altogether and fell asleep. We tiptoed out and Cousin drove us home under skies that were mauve and cloud streaked, lit by a full and shining moon.

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Normal Service is Being Resumed

He’s not the full ninja yet, but it won’t be long.
He was alone all day, shut in the flat, so that must have meant a good lot of sleep. The toys weren’t displaced as they often are, so it seems he didn’t do a lot. No nasty surprises in the litter tray or elsewhere, but he didn’t want to go out.

Long Arm

Long Arm

Eventually I persauded him. Tough love. But I sat outside too, and he lay beside my feet, then came to greet my friend Celia who joined me. We’re going to walk in Kent on Saturday. Walk and collect, we hope, lots and lots of lovely blackberries. Continue reading