Olympic Post Number Something

I don’t know what number of Olympic posts I have put up. I said this one was my first. But it wasn’t. It was probably my third.
My excuse is that I didn’t know my real first Olympic post was my first. I thought it was about the new James Bond Film. I was almost right.
I had, however, forgotten about this one with the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge; and this one, where the artist seems completely out of key with the rest of London.
Since every day for the past goodness knows how many has been dominated by the Olympics, I have no idea how many of my posts have an Olympic link anymore.
Anyway. Here are some pix from today’s haul, all part of the Cultural Olympiad.
First up, the House of Flags in Parliament Square.

House of Flags

Now, when I read about this one I was quite excited. I saw it in the early stages of its constructions and imagined it like a rather over the top house of cards. Finished, it’s a bit of a disappointment. Maybe the traffic wardens are thinking of ticketing it. This is what the House of Cards’ creators say about it:

A House of Flags is unveiled across from the House of Commons. 206 panels present the flag icons of all the nations participating in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Combined they make a large building jigsaw, a united ‘House’. A matrix of symbols, shimmering colours, shadows and perforations invites everyone to experience an image of the world as well as an image of multi-ethnic London.

Hmm. Maybe I am missing something. Continue reading