Gift Puppy

This is Logan. Short, in my head at least, for Loganberry. Really he has been called after an enterprising five-year-old who has raised thousands for charity with his homemade Olympic Torch.


He’s my puppy. Or at least as close as I am going to get for the time being to having a puppy. Totally and utterly adorable. Don’t you just love puppies, and black Labradors make my heart turn over. Continue reading

Miracle Dogs

Should I ever have the misfortune to become deaf, I do hope I shall be partnered with a hearing dog.
The work they do astonishes me. Deafness, being hidden, is a socially crippling condition. You miss out on conversations. People think you are being rude when you don’t respond.
The stories in Favour, the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’s magazine, never fail to move me.
Favour was the name of the first hearing dog in the UK. Last year, or maybe the one before, supporters were asked if they wanted to keep the magazine’s title as Favour, or change to something else. It seems we all wanted that first dog’s achievement to stand for the charity’s work.
The charity celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year. So many lives have been improved.
You can read about the dogs, their owners, and ways that people support the charity at this address.