The Contender

I have been at work, then discussing how to make my money give me more than 1.5% without investing in things that may be exploitative and environmentally dubious, then out again. But I made pit stops and am with NotCat in the rather breezy garden writing this on the iPad while the sky puts on a wonderful display. I am using Blogsy for the first time, writing offline, and I don’t know how the picture insertion bit works. So I may have to add that later.

But I didn’t mean to write about the sky, or about ethical investments which are not high risk and which my adviser did not find. I have a stray ginger cat on my mind.


After a fairly full on weekend of Ginger, there’s been no sign of him today. I am hoping he is going to show up again, because the plan is to get him to the vet who will give him a check up and give him the snip. I managed to get some Frontline on him on Friday, so even though he has not had the advantage of thorough brushing, his flea problem, assuming he had one, is being addressed. Once neutered the rehoming process can begin.


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