The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd October 2020

I turned the page on the MasterB calendar yesterday morning. I have been trying to get the 2021 calendar ready to send to the printer. It’s not happening. Apple has removed the feature from Photos that allowed me to use one of its templates and save the result to a PDF. Apple no longer offers a print service, a service I never used, and has instead linked Photos to various apps. who will let you use templates so long as you also use their prohibitively expensive print service. Two lengthy conversations with Apple support got me nowhere but annoyed.

This is my first post with the new block editor. I didn’t choose it, it just popped up. I can’t say I’m warming to it. But that may be fallout from my fruitless Apple chats which left me more than a little Eyeoreish. It’s probably not fair to blame apple entirely for my dip in humour. I have also spent more time than I care to remember with TalkTalk customer services having circular conversations about an intermittent problem with my landline. But I think the Apple scenario has got me down the most. I haven’t entirely given up hope of getting the calendar done, but don’t hold your breath.

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