The Coronavirus Diaries, 6th June 2020

Fingers crossed my hot water problem has been fixed. If I could work out where the water came in the damaged the upholstery I’d feel real progress had been made. But neither Stuart nor I can make sense of it. We have had so many rain showers today if there had been an obvious point of entry it would surely have shown itself. The hailstones hammered down on the roof this afternoon and a frightened MasterB shrank towards the safety of the rear cabin and me. What a contrast with his eagerness to go ashore yesterday evening.

Bizarrely the only other occupied boat yesterday evening was the one moored beside mine. No sooner had the couple come aboard than the duck appeared, this time with her mate. Somewhere along the line they have learned to associate boaters with food. They strutted along the pontoon, ate a bagel that was offered to them, went back into the water and then the duck returned to finish up the crumbs. That’s when MasterB saw her.

Scoping out the wildlife

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Alone at the Marina

I had some misgivings about coming East this afternoon. Celia and I went to see It's a Mad World My Masters at the Barbican last night. It's an RSC production, and, like most RSC productions, pretty damn good. Celia is currently a cricket widow with Charlie away in the West Indies, so she is free to be a cultural partner in crime.

The play finished at about 10.15, and by the time we got back to our patch of London it was 11. I was hungry, MasterB needed outside time, so the date had changed by the time I got into bed. Sleep was almost instantaneous, and when the alarm went off at 6.30 I felt quite rested and refreshed. But having been to work, my less than eight hours were catching up on me.

I stopped a couple of times on the journey; provisions and petrol. And took the opportunity to stretch and yawn. We hit patches of slow slow traffic, but by leaving later than I had intended, managed to miss some of the school run rush. All the same, I was aware of having to make myself concentrate, keeping the windows slightly open so a breeze whisked about me. Continue reading

Scavenging Ducks and Blue Skies

I think this will be a draft. The Internet is failing again; presumably too many people are trying to use their rationed time just now. Last night I woke up coughing at two and scheduled my photos. Tonight I hope to sleep through.

Another walk today. Not over demanding, and to be frank, not over interesting either. It started well at a harbour and a short boat trip to a very plush marina with some seriously expensive boats. Some had kitsch written all over them.



But as a walk, it never really took off. We went up, we came down, we went up again. There were some good views. Not a walk I should choose to do again. But the weather is perfect. I have been in Greece at this time of year before and got soaked; shivered in fleeces in the evenings. But the sun is shining in the day and skies are gloriously blue once the sun has burned the cloud away. Pretty damn perfect. Continue reading