Happy Easter Cookie Cat

We have had appropriate Easter weather.

For Good Friday it was grey and blustery. Saturday was not much better, but today, Easter Sunday, when the churches once more decorated with flowers and the altars clourful, the sun shone.

I had a welcome day working from home. I took my papers out into the garden while MasterB napped in his basket.

Cookie was pleased to see me. She followed me about as I watered plants in pots, and then chose a garden seat near me for a nap. When I needed to come inside for something, she came too. I didn’t let her through the door into the flat as relations between her and MasterB have deteriorated. Continue reading


Yellow is a colour I associate with Easter, and so, it seems does my seven-year-old neighbour (the one who lives with Rosie the Cat). I know this because I received an Easter greeting from her this morning with the words Happy Easter in yellow and purple, and again in red and green. They were labelled helpfully with a luminous marker, Easter Colours and Christmas Colours. So now you know. She wished me lots of chocolate, and I haven’t had any yet, but that can be rectified later. Actually she wished me lots off chocolate, but I think that was just a bit of over enthusiasm with her curly letter fs.
It may have been her greeting that stayed with me, because when I went out for a walk a bit later, I started to see yellow everywhere. After a while I began to photograph it. Continue reading