Janet Eggs

Once clear of London en route for das Boot I generally stop at a supermarket for supplies, things I think I’ll need afloat – beers, coffee and so on. But not eggs. No, those I buy on the road that leads to the marina. Just a quick text to Janet Eggs to let her know I am on my way, and provided the hens are laying, half a dozen eggs are hidden in the mailbox attached to her gate.

Eggs for sale

I don’t know how many hens Janet keeps, nor do I know her real surname, though it definitely isn’t Eggs. I do know the hens are free range and that any money collected from the sale of their eggs goes to support local good causes – someone in financial straits due to illness, the victim of a hit and run accident. Janet is a farmer’s wife. Before you accuse me of sexism, it’s only her husband I seen on the big machinery, his ears shrouded in the big protectors. I know she refers to him as Daddy when talking to her dogs. She has several dogs; golden retrievers, a Jack Russell who escapes under the gate to scamper around my feet, a standard poodle. Janet has never met MasterB, but that doesn’t stop her asking if he is with me and how he is. Continue reading


Monday Afloat

Fabulous sunset tonight at the marina, the last rays of the sun showing a perfect blue sky streaked with pink. I was at the end of MasterB’s lead and camera less, so I witnessed but did not record it. After a hot afternoon, the evening temperatures have dropped low enough for me to close the windows and think about putting in a jumper. Hils I was out small creatures were flying close by me. It was dusk and they were moving fast so I couldn’t see them clearly, but I think they may be bats. MasterB sat still on the grass staring intently at something I could not see for a quarter of an hour before I decided to end his sortie. But before you feel too sorry for him, we had by that time been outside for forty minutes.

I had hoped he’d have a pee, and my hopes were raised when he investigated the soft earth, but it was only to sniff, he waited until he was back on board to empty a bladder that was obviously very full. No worries about crystals and cystitis tonight.

The egg lady Janet had a little chat when I bought her last boxes. I needed change so I was more than pleased when she came out of the house. She opened up the honesty box attached to the gate and counted out a pile of coins, explaining that the proceeds from egg sales all go to support charity. That made me even more pleased that I had some egg boxes to give to her. Continue reading

Serene Sunday

Picture posting will have to wait until I get home. But from where I am stretched out in the fore cabin I have fine views of the changing skies. It looked like the heavens would open a little while ago, but the winds blew the grey clouds over and we had just a few drops of rain. MasterB is asleep and serene. He didn't like it when I left his sight and meted rather plaintively, so I have not carried out my plan for a short walk plus camera. Maybe in a few minutes.

Older Nephew may drop by with the new woman in his life, but it is fairly unlikely. I have done a good job on yesterday's paper, written some fiction, and feel incomparably lazy. Continue reading

Of Aunt, MasterB and Visiting Cousins

Well what can I say? MasterB a complete star. Actually that should be STAR with glitter and lights around if only I knew how to do that. Ditto Aunt. Though you may have expected that anyway.

We travelled gently, MasterB quiet and sleeping after some initial objections about getting into his basket. I stopped to shop, to eat, to enjoy the beauty of the day.

After a little prevarication, I turned off and instead of heading straight to Aunt’s, went to the marina. Now, at midnight, I cannot understand why I didn’t take pictures. It was beautiful. Blue skies; quiet; a newly clad and insulated showerblock; birds; water; boats. Pretty darn heavenly.

I called Aunt to say I’d be with her soon, then went to the organic farm and bought a fennel plant. (Celia, if you want one, text me. I think we’ll be at Reach tomorrow and I can get some fresh eggs for you.)

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A Bit of a Pause

Having a brief sitdown before I head out to the theatre in half an hour. I have just downloaded yesterday’s pix. Today being grey and cold, Tuesday’s sunshine seems to belong to another planet.
Somehow, it is easier to be amused when the sun shines. Goodness only knows what these two were doing with their cardboard friend.

The Three of Us

The Three of Us

The Prudential building is full of fab details and certainly not a retiring sort of building. I did wonder about this huge pink number in the terracotta and rubbed brick environment though.


Just in case you aren’t familiar woith the Pru, here are a couple more photos.
Through the Arch

Through the Arch

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Easter Monday

The chances of posting today are so slim as to be non-existent. Maybe it’s the weather (windy with some rain, the warmer side of cold, but only just) but the Internet does not want to come out to play. It is probably curled up somewhere snug with a good book.
I’ve just had some cocoa and the last of my hot cross buns, put my book aside and am reflecting on the day. Outside the fenders are squeakily doing their job as the wind continually pushes the boat against the pontoon. Ducks fly over head and the starlings are squabbling in the tree behind me. Two swallows have just danced by, or could they be house martins? The sky is full of sulky pale grey cloud. The weeping willows, so calm and graceful on warm days, are moving like a green frothy tide in the buffeting wind. Continue reading