The Exercised Cat

There’s a new cat on the block. A very large tabby. When I saw him the other day I thought it was Simba from across the road, but since then I have had a better look, and this boy is a heavyweight, and Simba is lean.
He is quite the most exciting thing MasterB has encountered in a long while.
Indoors, the ginger ninja is putting in lots of practice; leaping, running and attacking moving targets.
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Big MasterB

MasterB went to the vet last week for his annual check up. He also had a hole in his chin I wanted the vet to see. I don’t know if he recognised the street when I parked the car, but he was fantastically vocal as I carried him there, and quite the noisiest pet in the waiting area.
His vet was on holiday, so he saw the locum. Annual vaccinations were administered and his chin checked out. He got a shot of antibiotic too. The scales revealed he has put on nearly a kilo in a year. It has to go. I wouldn’t say he is a greedy cat at all, but maybe I am too generous with the biscuits.

In the Garden With Toy

In the Garden With Toy

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Morning Exercise Feline Styly

The squirrel didn’t seem too worried. It ran in an apparently effortless sprint to the end of the garden with Not Cat in hot pursuit, his bell ringing wildly.
First the squirrel, then Not Cat ran up the cherry tree. The leaves obscure what happened next. I assume the squirrel made a gravity defying leap onto the neighbouring wall, but i couldn’t see from the bedroom window.
I finished dressing and went outside. Not Cat was still in the tree. He came down when I called and made that plaintive miaowing that cats do when their prey has escaped. The squirrel was nowhere to be seen.