A Cat Post

It seems a while since I had any photos of felines here, so here goes.

First up, the incomparable MasterB in his playroom, aka my sitting room. Honestly, it’s like a feline Hamley’s here sometimes.


Cookie still invites herself in, and usually heads straight for the kitchen to see if MasterB has left any food. I don’t know what she did to upset him this morning, but he had her pinned to the ground and was biting the back of her neck. Maybe he isn’t a Beta male after all.

She took it very well, a lot better than I should have done, didn’t even puff up her tail, and still seemed to want to spend time with him.

Here she is outside.
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Room at the Inn

It had been a great evening. Carols; good company; my first time in a private drinking establishment in Soho.
I knew as soon as I opened the front door and MasterB shot out onto the landing that the litter tray had been used. The smell wafted sullenly through the air.
It was a pee and a poo. Well, I knew about the poo already from the smell.
But which cat?
Sharp eyed readers will be sitting up at this point, aware that I have just the one cat; the beloved MasterB, the ginger to cap all gingers, and that I am trying to get a pee sample from him to take the vet – hey it’s Christmas, everyone should have some treats.
So yes, Cookie has spent the day chez IsobelandCat. I was at home, and it was remarkably pleasant. There was one flash of aggression when MasterB approached her and disturbed her sleep. I have to say that when she disturbed him later, he was much more forgiving.
Both cats slept a great deal.



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Three Cats

My life seems divided between work and cats at the moment. Heaven knows, when I was fifteen this is not how I imagined my prime; wondering about the reproductive status of cats and if a litter of kittens was going to be born in my garden.
And yet this is how it is. Plus worrying about how MasterB fits in with the latest feline dynamic, and hoping he is not being sidelined in his own garden. I’d hate him to feel left out.

So Beautiful

So Beautiful

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Playing It Almost Cool

I’ll come back to Devious Dave later, but time for a quick update on how MasterB is getting on with his rather forward new acquaintance.

I have learned that her name is Cookie. She loves everyone, and people are falling in love with her left, right and centre. She also loves our garden which means MasterB is seeing a lot of her.

Forgive the quality of the video. Most of it is down to lack of technical skill and shaky hands, but i-Movie is not speaking to YouTube, so I can’t upload an edited version at present. If anyone can tell me why I persistently get a message when I try saying my username and password combination is wrong, please do. And it’s not the obvious answer; I can log in with both to YouTube without any problem.

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The January Cat

I do hope Trevor ends up in a good and loving home, but for the sake of MasterB and litter tray changing duties, I am very relieved he is no longer living in our garden.
MasterB is outside right now, maybe with Scally and Wags. They were all playing last night. Wags is still very nervous of me and bounds onto and over the wall as soon as I appear. Scally runs, climbs the wall and then watches me from the safety of height. Because of this shyness, I don’t really know what they do. It is after all dark shortly after half past four in the afternoon these January days.
Yesterday morning I heard MasterB crying outside. I was about to go and rescue him when, looking out of the window, I realised he was talking to Scally who was on the wall. A momnet later, he had leapt to her level and, like a rather over enthusiastic Romeo, was marching towards her. She hopped over into the garden the other side of the wall and he followed.

He seems to find these times with the girls exhilarating and they inspire him to rough play. With me. My arm gets attacked. It’s playful rather than aggressive, but not always comfortable. What have they been playing? Let’s Pretend We’re Man-Eating Tigers? I shouldn’t be surprised. Continue reading

Twenty-Eighth Stone: Returning Cats

Having not seen Sonny, our resident feral, for over two months, I had begun to believe he was dead. There’s been no sign of Ginger either, and what with the snow and the low low temperatures, I wondered if he might have turned up his toes too. So delight yesterday morning when Sonny emerged out of a bush looking very healthy and glossy and yelled at me for some breakfast. This morning he was there again, and this evening. Though from the way he speaks to me you can tell he thinks service could be improved. Continue reading

Hale and Hearty Again

At some point in the night, MasterB left the darkness of the drawer and joined me on the bed. I woke to feel his weight against me. Then we both slept. At six, no doubt feeling rather empty, he woke me for food. He’s on Sensitive Control for the next day or so until I am completely sure he is well. Unlike Cat, he likes the Sensitive Control sachets, and even tucks into the biscuits happily. My thanks to everyone here who expressed their concern.

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

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Working Out Their Relationship

I’m about to dash off again, but I had a quick look at yesterday’s photos of MasterB and Ginger and thought to share these three.
While Ginger is definitely domineering, MasterB confuses and disorientates him with his invitations to play. He really didn’t know what to do when MasterB waved a paw at him, and ended up breaking eye contact and turning away.

Come and Get Me

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