Feline Godfather

MasterB has had a trying time. He has twice tried to say hello to the mother cat this evening. She is half his size. They have touched noses, and I didn’t hear what passed between them, but MasterB looked as though he had received a small electric shock. His ears went back and he moved away.
OK. I can understand she wants to protect her kittens, but if this were Cat she’d be chased right away, so I should like to see some evidence of her intelligence in understanding that MasterB is a gentle hearted soul who could be a friend.
I fed her. She plainly isn’t worried by me. MasterB alternately watched her and played with the recycling bag.
She disappeared round the corner. A few minutes later, MasterB followed. I continued to drink my wine and listened for sounds of a scuffle. I admit I rather expected the Ginger Ninja to come running back to me.
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The Odd Couple

We had another visit from Ginger today. I know this sounds/is anthropomorphic, but I believe MasterB shares my mixed feelings towards his serious friend. We are both always very pleased to see him, and then almost relieved when he goes.
Today he was hungry. I gave him the remains of MasterB’s meal. Ginger is a member of The Clean Plate Club.

Clean Plate

MasterB both wants to be with Ginger and to get away from him. I end up doing a fair amount of chaperoning. Ginger’s main drawback for MasterB is that he still doesn’t understand how to play. MasterB prances after leaves, Ginger’s ears swivel. MasterB does his little play-with-me dance, Ginger stares at him. MasterB chatters excitedly at a crow on top of a chimney that he couldn’t reach in a million years, Ginger sniffs at him. I don’t know if Ginger never had an imagination, or if the school of hard knocks has so dulled it that it may neverappear again. He almost looks like he disapproves of Masterb”s frivolity.
Today Ginger came inside. MasterB was the attraction. Ginger climbed the stairs with surprising confidence. MasterB was round-eyed. Ginger was less sure about coming into the flat, but he followed MasterB and then leapt on him in dominant style. I clapped my hands. Ginger retreated to the doormat. What MasterB made of Ginger being inside I don’t know. Do animals really feel jealousy? Anyway, the two boys spent some time on the stairs. I washed up. Ginger was very interested in the windowsill and sat there for a while.
I got a photo of him looking very sweet.

sweet Ginger

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Of Cat Politics, Sophie Scott and MasterB

MasterB and I were in the garden when Sophie Scott arrived. There had been An Altercation, and I was observing feline politics, ready to wade in if the Ginger Ninja looked like he was getting into trouble.
The new ginger and white had come the heavy on Sonny, and I had intervened. Sonny is our resident feral, and I’m not going to stand by and watch some bully-come-lately push him out. MasterB got quite excited, and seemed to think that if I could get involved, then so could he. My involvement stopped at chasing the bully away from Sonny. I did not attempt to follow him under my car and hiss at him. Continue reading