Of Aunt, MasterB and Visiting Cousins

Well what can I say? MasterB a complete star. Actually that should be STAR with glitter and lights around if only I knew how to do that. Ditto Aunt. Though you may have expected that anyway.

We travelled gently, MasterB quiet and sleeping after some initial objections about getting into his basket. I stopped to shop, to eat, to enjoy the beauty of the day.

After a little prevarication, I turned off and instead of heading straight to Aunt’s, went to the marina. Now, at midnight, I cannot understand why I didn’t take pictures. It was beautiful. Blue skies; quiet; a newly clad and insulated showerblock; birds; water; boats. Pretty darn heavenly.

I called Aunt to say I’d be with her soon, then went to the organic farm and bought a fennel plant. (Celia, if you want one, text me. I think we’ll be at Reach tomorrow and I can get some fresh eggs for you.)

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