Friday Thrill

Sonny, aka the Black Shagger, has featured on this page more than once. Most recently I showed him enjoying catnip on Sonny Loves Catnip. He’s our resident feral. I see him fairly frequently and have given him lots of dinners down the years. Cat hated him, NotCat is in excited awe of him and would love to be in his gang. Sonny, in the way of cats, makes demands of me, yelling for his breakfast or dinner when he turns up after a two week absence. However, although he seems more tolerant of me than he is of most people, any attempt on my part to have a closer relationship is greeted with a hasty withdrawal. Honestly, you’d think I’d spent the years trying to prod him with a sharp stick, not put tasty morsels down for him. True, I used to yell at him if I thought he and Cat were about to have fisticuffs, and I was expert at glaring at him in aggressive cat fashion from my upstairs window until he lowered his eyes and moved quietly, if reluctantly, away from where he had Cat cornered. He was the only cat Cat couldn’t beat in a fight and I had my boy’s pride and the fear of vet bills to consider.
Anyway, when I got home this afternoon he was waiting quietly in the garden. He looked a bit ragged. His coat reminded me of horses with rain scald. I went inside, cuddled NotCat, picked up some cat food and headed out again, my ginger boy by my side. NotCat was predictably pleased to see Sonny. Sonny, ignoring him, focused his full attention on me and gave that “Where’s my meal?” meow. Continue reading

Is This Love, or Something Else Entirely?

Sonny’s behaviour and attitude to me has got me wondering.
First there was the moment when I was sitting on the ground stroking Not Cat who was rolling and wriggling. We got closer and closer to Sonny. I expected him to hurry away, but no, he rolled on his back and watched me with half an eye.
I know he gets Not Cat’s left-overs, but he has taken to greeting me with a loud miaow and following me about the garden. If I stop and offer a hand, he usually looks fairly aghast, but I able to get a lot nearer him than I used to.
On Sunday, this is how he acted when I walked towards him with my camera. Can anyone translate what he’s saying please?

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