Supermum (100wcgu)

“Mum! Mu-u-u-um! Mum, come here!”

She runs up the stairs imagining injury, blood, broken bones.

He’s sitting on the rug in his room, red-cheeked, tearful.

There’s a new graze on his left knee, but nothing to warrant the race to A&E she’s anticipated.

“What is it? What’s the matter?” Continue reading


Deborah (100 word challenge)

Many workplaces have a Deborah. Her currency is lies and innuendo. She’s a lunchtime gossip, a whisperer in corridors. She exploits minor jealousies and foments discontent. Hers is a realm built on divide and rule where her subjects eye each other with learned mistrust.

She’s not intelligent, but she’s sharp; quick to recognise opportunity. Her smiles are as false as her vaunted honesty. She targets her victims and coddles her favourites. Continue reading

Separated by a Common Language

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

James walked into the sitting room and sat down heavily on the sofa. Bob thumped a welcome with his tail on the floor and James reached down to stroke the dog’s head.

Jane smiled, carefully capped her pen, and blotted the ink on the letter she’d been writing. She poured him a glass from the bottle on the table.

“Is she asleep?”

He nodded, taking an appreciative sip and turned the bottle so he could read the label. Continue reading


“Hurry up,” said Sally. “They’ll be back any minute.”
“Keep your hair on, I’m almost done. It would be easier if we could have the light on.”
“They might see it. Anyway, this torch is pretty good.”
“OK. Just hold it still would you, I need to see what I’m doing here.” Mike’s fingers worked deftly in the circle of light. “There, all done. Take this please.” He passed a collection of objects to his sister; string, scissors, a pot of drawing pins. Continue reading