Evening Kittens

I fed the Mother cat tonight and her kittens came out to play. They are a bit nervous, but so long as I stayed still they were happy enough. I took more footage than this, but haven’t watched it all or edited it.

The Ginger Ninja Strikes Out

I wanted to post some letters today, but Not Cat kept trying to follow me, so I ended up spending ages in the garden taking photographs and then lots of footage of him. I really wanted to capture his strange little dance, but of course he did that when I had the camera turned off. I’ve still got some work to do tonight, so no time to view and edit as I’d like, but here is a little video that illustrates why washing the car is a waste of time and how the neighbour’s efforts at preventing cats and foxes from walking his wall have also failed.

The Drain Inspector

Bless him. He finds amusement and interest in the most unlikely places. The garden is a never ending source of discoveries.

I took some nice pix of him inside today too,but I do like seeing enjoying himself outdoors.

Maybe I’ll have the first plumbing cat. Bengals are supposed to like water, but he might not have got that gene.

Not Cat and Brer Fox

I’ve been out at work all day, and was just about to curl up with the crossword and a largish glass of red wine when the telephone rang.

It was one of my neighbours. His voice was full of exclamation marks. He’d just seen Not Cat chasing a fox out of the garden.

I thanked him and went to investigate. Not Cat ran up to me, his tail a happy flag. The fox had come back, but when it saw me, it ran off and stopped the other side of the gate. Continue reading