The Flotilla

I was using my Flip camera on Sunday too, but put it aside when the Queen came by, so she doesn’t appear in this little video of the River Pageant. As the rain became more determined the crowds thinned and I felt rather sorry for the last of the boats who had much less crowd support.

One Picture

I’ll spare you the many many pictures I took today. At least this evening. But here’s one of the Queen with the nearest members of her family on dull grey day with light rain that turned heavy by the end of the afternoon. The flotilla, which I heard one US visitor saying as flow-tilla yesterday, a nice contrast with the British fl’tilla, was amazing, rain and all.

The Queen

Imagine my excitement when I saw the Royal Marines escorting her, and realised they had been rehearsing this role when I watched them on Thursday.

It’s been a long day. I am working tomorrow, so that’s probably it from me tonight. I hope everyone has had a brilliant day.

Dress Rehearsal

I was walking over Westminster Bridge today and saw a rather nice Dutch barge on the water. I wondered if it was one of the many boats that’ll be taking part in Sunday. By the time I got my camera out it was too late for a photograph.

Looking towards Lambeth Bridge, I saw some boats travelling in what looked like formation.


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With the end of May fast approaching, my thoughts are finally turning to the Jubilee. London is bunting mad. When did bunting become cool again? Free cycle is full of requests for old material to cut up and drape across the streets of sunny South London. If I had time, I think I’d make some myself.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a royalist, but I do have a fondness for the Queen. Thanks to a fifteen-year-old who has been absorbing the more arcane facts about Her Majesty like a sponge, and then relaying them prefaced by “Did you know….?”, I think I might do quite well at a Jubilee Quiz Night. I now know that the number of units of alcohol she has every day puts her in the at risk category; she likes detective fiction, which explains why P D James is in the Lords; her favourite Blue Peter presenter was John Noakes; and she currently has three corgis, Holly, Willow and something else. Willow is not a name that makes me think of corgis. They have rather short legs and are solid little dogs. Willow suggests something rather more, well, willowy. She was a fan of Kojak in the eighties. Who’d have thought it?

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