New Beginnings

So I have my glass of wine; a lit candle stands in the window; MasterB who was curled up beside me has gone outside.

If Freddy hadn’t died, I shouldn’t have MasterB. A death marks not just an end, but a new beginning.

I have long called MasterB Cat’s Legacy. Before Freddy adopted me I was A Dog Person; I had no intention and no desire to have a cat.

Fourteen years after having my life turned upside down by a determined feline, the idea of living sans cat was just unthinkable.

So as well as remembering the Gorgeous Boy today, I am giving thanks for MasterB; a new life, a new relationship with my perfect companion cat; loved, cherished, as dear to me as Freddy.

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Sunday Afternoon

After days of sunshine and warmth, yesterday the winds blew chill and today the clouds glowered in the sky.

I have been having a bit of a relapse, feeling tired and not so well, so I have pottered about inside most of the day, making just one trip to the library. It has helped. I am feeling better again and am now looking forward to supper with Octavia.

I downloaded photos from my little Olympus. It seems an age since I took them. Still loving the spring colours.

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Not Forgetting the Other Pets

Just in case I gave the impression that meeting Pip had meant the other animals were forgotten, here are a few more photos from yesterday. Marple is missing. She was sleeping somewhere most of the day, and only appeared when I didn’t have my camera. Unlike her brother, she does not arrive the moment she hears a human voice. I get the impression that she is keener on hunting than socialising. The hen is also being reclusive. She is broody again, but there are plans to provide her with a fertilised egg. Her baby of last year grew into a large cockerel and has been relocated to another home.


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Watershed Photos



When my dad died I couldn’t read or take photographs. I am experiencing the same problem now. But today I hyave had a breakthrough. This Iris in the garden was so stunning I had to get my camera and photograph it. It may not be the best photo, but it is an important watershed.
So still with camera in hand, I took a few pix of flowers in our garden.


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One Weekend, Two Aunts, Two Birthdays

Two of my aunts have birthdays this weekend. Both are Mother’s younger sisters. On Saturday, Aunt, who lives relatively near Mother and visits her as often as she can, turns ninety. The baby of the family, Aunt-in-Belfast, is a mere eighty-six on Sunday. I am feeling quite pleased with my organisation. Flowers will be delivered to the remaining sibling, Mother’s adored younger brother. He and she are only eleven months apart and were like twins. She still talks about her brother, though she hasn’t seen him for several years now. She had two more brothers, but Brother is the one she loved and loves jealously. He will take them to Aunt-in-Belfast who is very bad at answering the door. He has a key.

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