It’s a Hard Life

Not Cat has come a long way.

The timid creature who was scared of the outdoors and who went into a panic when I was out of sight, is long gone.

Now, he wants to spend as long as he can outside. He doesn’t even need me there. He comes to see me, just as Cat did, then bounces off again to resume his great passion,  hunting for flies.

I got him to come indoors at nine o’clock. It was dark. I couldn’t see him. Then I heard his bell,  he emerged from the shadows and seemed so grown up, so sure of himself.

Sonny was in the garden too.  Not Cat was keen to get up close and personal. I was keen to get back inside with him and watch Who Do You Think You Are? 

I won.

Not Cat was not pleased. For a few minutes he was quite vocal.

But his hours of outdoor play had its effect.

Here is how he has spent the time while I watched the programme:


Such a hard life.