Outdoor Play

After an unpromising start, today turned out mild and bright. At home this afternoon, I seized the opportunity to hang the washing out. MasterB helped. He was very skittish, and although I tried to get some photos of him playing with leaves, most were a ginger blur. This is the best of a bad lot.

Leaf Play

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Ground Level

After yesterday’s grey skies, today was bright and mild. At ground level in the garden, some things are growing, some things have fallen, and some seem to mysteriously hang onto water.
We have various types of funghi, most are dull or menacing, but this one I like.

Cup Cake Funghi

I love the strawberry fruit. The blackbirds do too, but for different reasons. One of my neighbours complains they are messy.

Strawberry Fruit and Leaf


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October Garden (and the Cat)

First I was eclipsed by Cat, now people commenting on my page are telling me the posts they like the best feature MasterB. What’s a woman to do? If I were to follow WordPress Guidelines I would just post cat photos here, but as I am not seeking domination of the blogosphere, and just want a little corner of it to call my own, there will continue to be posts about the flotsam and jetsam of my life. So here are some photos of the garden, and one of MasterB. Continue reading

Autumn Spider

I didn’t even see the spider at first. My eyes were focused on the red tendrils of the vine. So delicate, and now they are turning, they look like arteries carrying life blood.

Vine Tendril and Web

It seems such a precarious place to build a web. Though on the other hand, the clever spider that constructed a vast cobweb over the entrance to the binshed had the whole shebang destroyed when the humans walked stickily straight into it. Continue reading

Of Cat Politics, Sophie Scott and MasterB

MasterB and I were in the garden when Sophie Scott arrived. There had been An Altercation, and I was observing feline politics, ready to wade in if the Ginger Ninja looked like he was getting into trouble.
The new ginger and white had come the heavy on Sonny, and I had intervened. Sonny is our resident feral, and I’m not going to stand by and watch some bully-come-lately push him out. MasterB got quite excited, and seemed to think that if I could get involved, then so could he. My involvement stopped at chasing the bully away from Sonny. I did not attempt to follow him under my car and hiss at him. Continue reading

Fox and Cat

I had a hint about what had kept MasterB the other side of the wall the other day.
He was happily playing in the garden when the fox appeared. He has been chasing foxes all summer, is normally keen to rush after them, but this time, he flattened his ears, scuttled towards the gate and cast anxious looks over his shoulder.
The fox looked on.
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Autumnal Moments

It’s not my favourite season. There’s a nip in the air once the sun goes down, and it goes down earlier and earlier. First thing in the morning it was cool enough for me to need my windproof smock on the bike. My fingers told me I should be needing full finger gloves in a month or so.
But once the sun has got going the days are beautiful.
The skies are blue.
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