The Big Cat in the Garden

The Big Cat is not too keen on the canine part of the household, so it says something about yesterday’s sunshine that she slept happily on the table while Westie Boy roamed around.

Today it’s a mix of sunshine and showers. The morning came early with a visit from Westie Boy just five hours after I had closed my eyes. My ear was thoroughly washed before I got him back to the kitchen where I found that Cousin, who had been unable to sleep, had embarked on an ironing marathon. I went back to bed, and slept through 8.12 when I hope millions of people rang bells to welcome the Olympics. Continue reading


Amazing. It is a nice evening. I can see sunshine and blue skies. This afternoon my fingers were at the mauve end of the blue spectrum. After niceish weather on Saturday and Sunday in comparison with what we have been having in recent weeks, I foolishly left my gloves at home. Mistake.
NotCat might have been more than eager to get outside when I arrived home, I am only too happy to defrost indoors, wrapped up in a thick vaguely Icelandic cardigan. So it was quite funny to see that there is a new photo challenge today called blue.
I was going to make the switch to summer pyjamas tonight, but snuggly winter ones are far more appealing.
Anyway, two blue photos, though I am not sure I shall link them back to the challenge.

Garden Blue

Boat Blue


I think NotCat may have just made his first kill. A sparrow.
I saw him from the window with something his mouth. I went out, hoping, if anything, it was a mouse.
He was very pleased with himself, standing over the very dead bird. Now he is batting it about.
I think he expected some praise from me too, not the string of despairing expletives I unleashed.
Maybe he found the bird already dead. I only have circumstantial evidence. I didn’t see him catch it.
Cat used to catch mice and play with them. A game of hide-and-seek, it looked like. They usually got away. I was quite good at distracting him.
When NotCat found a shrew last summer it had definitely been dead for some time. He tried to bring it into Mother’s flat. When he caught a live frog, a live shrew, lots of grasshoppers, he did the same. He wanted to play with them.
So it’s only a faint hope, but I am holding onto it, that this sparrow was already dead when he found it.
I have attached another bell to his collar.

Busy Boy

I am heading for an early night on this balmy and unseasonably warm March evening. Not Cat is full of the joys of spring. I was working from home this afternoon, so he was able to go out are lunch. He came in once for a snack, but yowled to go straight out again.
He was busy in the flower beds, pouncing on tiny creatures. He was busy on the walls, watching birds and surveying terrain. He was busy with the neighbours, rolling over and being petted. He was busy all the time. I managed to persuade him to come in half an hour ago. He wanted to go busying again, but I stood firm. Continue reading