The Drain Inspector

Bless him. He finds amusement and interest in the most unlikely places. The garden is a never ending source of discoveries.

I took some nice pix of him inside today too,but I do like seeing enjoying himself outdoors.

Maybe I’ll have the first plumbing cat. Bengals are supposed to like water, but he might not have got that gene.

Hero Worship

Not Cat was at the far end of the garden playing with some leaves. He was in explorer/adventurer mode. You could almost see a gold ring piercing his ear and a bright sash at his waist.

I sat outside shelling peas for dinner. Not Cat raced up then down the cherry tree, then round it. Each time I got up to put more peapods in the compost, he came with me, taking the corner at a run and swerving round the side of the building. I was glad to see him using up his energy.

The peas finished, I wanted to see if I could get a photograph of Sonny before it got too dark. He likes to sit in the shadow of the wall or a shrub, and as he’s black, the photographs are often disappointing, though I did take some of him in full sunlight earlier in the year.

Sonny Tonight

Not Cat trotted over to see what i was doing and settled down on the path near Sonny.

On the Path

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Small Brave Ginger

Come seven o’clock in the morning, Not Cat is a bundle of fizzing energy. Hands outside quilts are leapt on and attacked; toys are brought to the bed and played with rigorously; vocal exercises are practised from piano to full-throated fortissimo; the blind is pushed up and the outside scrutinised.

Vocal Exercises

Collar and bell on, he is allowed to his personal playground. The garden is full of new smells left by foxes and smaller things with longer tails we like to pretend don’t exist. And Sonny may be in residence. It doesn’t matter how many times Sonny tells Not Cat to get lost, my boy simply can’t get over his hero worship and desire to be pals.

King Sonny

He’s more successful with his human friendships. The other day, he met Viola, and took to her immediately. We were in the garden. Viola has corkscrew curls, and Not Cat was fascinated. He sat up on the table and gave them a gentle, exploratory pat, then touched Viola’s nose with his. Sweet. Continue reading

New Toy

It’s been quite a rainy afternoon. Useful for the housework. I didn’t feel I was missing out on sunshine, but I still didn’t find my missing pendants. Fortunately, Not Cat had had quite a while outside this morning, so he was happy to rest on the sofa.

Suddenly, it turned sunny with blue skies. Not Cat wanted to go out and I needed to take the recycling to the bins. I took the camera. Hundreds of pix of flowers with drops of rain, then Not Cat decided the recycling bag was a great toy. Another hundred pix.

Here they are:

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Well, I did warn you!