A Cat in His Citadel

I know I am biased, but I think any one of these pictures of MasterB in his cushion citadel is worthy of inclusion in 2020’s calendar.Take your time, look at each one and then tell me your favourite. I know which one is mine.

Citadel One

I have spent most of today making slow progress with admin work; doing some washing, some ironing.

Citadel Two

After a few days on a twenty-five foot boat, the flat feels wonderfully spacious. It is also wonderfully untidy.

Citadel Three

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February Sunshine

February Sunshine

Isn’t he delicious?

I pulled out weeds and cut down old plants, then sat in the garden doing the crossword. It’s February!
Maybe we are going to have our summer now, as we did last year, and our February weather in August. Who knows.