Of Gel Seat Covers, Vaseline and Ambience

Back to the bike hire place this morning as the sun streamed through the trees. I was handed a key with a number on it and sent to find the bike that matched it. A blue bike today, still a Gazelle, but this time the Ambience model. On Monday I was, fittingly enough, given the Surprise Hills, cycling a Chamonix. Apparently Gazelle is a major Dutch make of bike, going since the C19 and still made here.
However, despite its name, the ambience on my new bike wasn’t great. It slipped back from third to second gear all the time. At our coffee stop, I bade it a not very fond farewell and acquired a new bike, also an Ambience. During the stop, one of my fellow travellers remarked on the efficacious nature of Vaseline. Does it work, I asked. She was surprised I wasn’t already as lathered in the stuff as she was, and she’s the only rider with the JLo shorts. I trotted across to the mini market and made my second purchase of the day. So combined with the new gel saddle cover, I am walking more normally this evening than I was on Monday. Continue reading