The Ginger Ninja Calendar 2020 Is Here!!!!

Really I want to add a gif of Kermit applauding wildly, but I don’t know how to do that, so please imagine it for yourselves.

Obviously I am the lucky person who gets to wake up to the Ginger Ninja every day (or be woken up by him), but you too can enjoy his charms and good looks 365 days of the year with a Ginger Ninja calendar. Only twenty-five printed – and over half of those already spoken for – this is not something you will find in every high street. I think it’s what they call ‘exclusive’. Even I don’t have copies of the first ones. More fool me.

Big Shadow Cat

Last year when I was in New Zealand I received a picture and this message from B who was catsitting: He’s fed up with my phone pictures now but waking up to these eyes every morning has its moments.


So if you want to wake up to these eyes every day, get in touch.

Oh these eyes

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The 2016 Calendar Long Long List, Your Chance to Choose!

I am not happy with Apple. Before it messed around with iPhotos and made it Photos, there was a mechanism where you could put a calendar together, one photo per month as is my preference, or a group several photos as you desired. This could then be exported as a PDF and sent to the printing firm of your choice. In my case Pinnacle Images. Of course, what Apple really wanted, was for you to order the calendar through them, but we’re not all millionaires, so the export option, though hidden, was welcome.
There is still that option, but someone who is lucky to be nameless because otherwise I might well be making a wax effigy, decided that simple flexible calendar tool was not enough. No. There is a new tool that seems to be inspired by geometrical progression, or possibly Fibonacci Sequence, that dictates that you can only have one month with one photograph, then you must have three months with two photographs, four with three photographs, and four with six photographs.

I have spent more hours than I care to admit trying to make the calendar I want to make. I think this evening that I have (almost) cracked it, so now to put the long long list of possible photos for inclusion in the 2016 Ginger Ninja Calendar before you and invite your comments.







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MasterB’s Weekend

Being afloat is probably not MasterB’s favourite thing, but he copes pretty well and he knows he will receive lots of attention. Whether he remembers the first occasion he came to das Boot I rather doubt. It was 29th April 2011, the day of the Royal Wedding, and two days after MasterB had lost the means to father kittens. I wrote about here, but had the usual problem posting pix when at the marina.

I had better luck a day later as you can see here.

Since then he has been aboard many times; got over the shock of realising he is surrounded by water; growled at people passing on the path; yowled at members of the feral colony who have climbed aboard; taken a keen interest in the birds and insects flying by; accepted reluctantly that any shoreleave has to be in that thing of shame – the harness.

He has also been photographed often. Only when Cat died did I realise how few photos I had of him. that is not a mistake I am making with MasterB.

Here are a few from the weekend. All show him on das Boot. There are a couple I think are definitely calendar worthy. What do you reckon?

Of MasterB, Calendar Postage, Feline Urinary Tract Problems, Vet Bills, and Dominant Girl Cats

This blogging every day business is quite demanding. I know I have done it in the past, but maybe my life is just less interesting these days. Fortunately I still have MasterB, whose good looks and charm always entertain me, and hopefully he entertains you too.

For those of you across the pond wanting a calendar of the Ginger Ninja I have checked out the postage and packing and it comes to £5, so a total of £13, though if you want more than one calendar the postage will be less. The earlier you order the better as Christams posting deadlines loom. It’s easy to pay me via PayPal  but please make sure you make the payment in pounds sterling rather than US dollars.

The Ninja Boy himself has finally gone outside. We were both in the garden earlier, but so was Cookie. She stalked and went to leap on him when he was having a private moment. I shooed her away, but she was soon back. She is a very sweet cat, but oh so dominant. Cat would have banished her by now, but I think MasterB’s mother must have told him that fighting seldom solves anything and that he must never ever hit girls. So this little tabby thing, who is half his weight, has the upper paw, causing the ginger one to flinch, scurry and opt to come back indoors. Continue reading