Journey into Light

The second part of the journey was on a much busier coach. People are quite amazingly selfish. They put bags on the spare seats beside them, drape their coats across them, lie across them.


Excuse me, I said, is this seat free?

Barely a look.

A hunched shoulder and the sulky gathering up of belongings.

Thank-you, I said.


She wanted to get off at Cambridge, but didn’t seem to think it necessary to say anything to me. As she started to stand up, I looked at her. Do you want to get off here? Grunt. I stood. She moved past me. No thank-you, no acknowledgement of any sort. She’ll probably be Chancellor of the Exchequer in a few years. Continue reading


I’ve finally heard from the tutor of the class I went to in July. She hasn’t been lying unconscious in a darkened room; kidnapped by aliens; or recovering her memory after a blow to the head. No, she’s been abroad. Actually she still is abroad. I’ve heard from her because about ten days ago i contacted the college to ask if anything had happened to her, as I was staring to feel guilty about being cross that I hadn’t got my work back, and if the truth was that she had met with a grisly accident, I could get to work cleaning my soul.

Back in London after being on Das Boot and seeing Mother, but unable to access email, I found a message from the college saying, and one from the tutor. The tutor apologised and said the work would be returned by the end of the week. She had sent the message on Wednesday. Today is Saturday. Saturday is usually considered the end of the week, though some people would argue that Friday is the end of the week, hence the term, weekend. It’s a fair point. However, there was no sign of my work, so emailed and asked for clarification about which week she meant.

I got a reply pretty quickly. Next week. she also said she hoped that was okay.

Now good manners  might dictate that I say yes, that’s absolutely okay. But actually it isn’t. I’m going to get my work back more than a month later than I should have received it.  She didn’t do me the courtesy of writing to me to apologise until I had chased her up. I think that’s pretty unprofessional and also rude and disrespectful. So I replied saying I was sure she’d understand that I was quite hacked off about it. So far no answer. I’ll let you know should I receive one.