The Coronavirus Diaries, 28th March 2020

When Celia and I met for our walk along parallel paths this afternoon we were trying to remember how long we have been on lockdown. Is it a week? Less? Time has taken on an elastic quality. Tonight the clocks go forward an hour and we welcome British Summer Time. However, March has got its animals mixed up. It is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. After days and days of blue skies and warm sunshine this afternoon March remembered it is supposed to be the windy month, and sent me back to coat, hat, gloves and scarf. It also got my washing dry very quickly. Definitely more leonine than lamb like.

All the people taking their daily exercise allowance near their homes, are they becoming more aware of their local environment? Certainly Celia and I are not the only ones to stop to watch a crow gathering soft material to line its nest, a robin eyeing us from a low branch, sparrows clustering around a bird feeder.

It is both comforting and disorientating to see the non humans going about their normal lives. The swans are nesting by the lake in Burgess Park again.

Nesting swans

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Break Away

Paw Action

Paw Action

So this is the plan: get up and have breakfast; shower, dress and head for the bank to pay my overdue credit card bill. Put bags (clothes, food) into car. Allow coffee to work its way through my system. Head east. Stay overnight on das Boot.

The warm weather has returned. But we have had our warning. These days are numbered. Aunt tells me it will stay mild until November. I do hope she’s right. If she is, I should be able to get to see her a few more times before winter closes in. She accepts I may not see her this time as it will be a twenty-four hour visit where I hope to make das Boot a bit more presentable. Continue reading

Welcome Home

Back two days but I have only just downloaded my pictures. I’ll have a good look through them soon. It is hot and sunny still in London, and the idea that we lit a fire in the sitting room at Cousin’s on Monday night seems somewhat unreal.

MasterB was pleased to see me, but not ecstatic. He has been well looked after by the Lovely Neighbours, who have confirmed that they are, alas, definitely moving next month. They were having doubts, but then saw a sweet flat with a garden where they will be allowed to have a cat, and the deal was done in less than twenty-four hours.

With Toy

With Toy

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Of Day Trips and Good Neighbours

Just in from work and sipping some red wine before bed. MasterB said hello to me from under a bush as I came thtrough the garden but seemed disinclined to come in.

I can take a hint.

He can’t stay out too long though, because tomorrow I want to be up bright early, enjoy my coffee and be out of the shower ready to hit the street at eight o’clock when Celia will be ringing the doorbell.

We are off to Ramsgate for the day. I am so excited. I think I went to Ramsgate about thirty years ago. When I say to, I mean through. I certainly didn’t stop there. Now I am revved up about Pugin architecture, Georgian streets, and lunch in a pub with a view of the sea.

Celia and I did our research in the garden under the shade of the pruned cherry tree this afternoon with the help of two guide books, an ipad, MasterB and tumblers of water with mint leaves.


Adolescent Anxieties

It’s been much too exciting a day. I’m cream-crackered. And I feel I’ve aged about ten years.

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His Ginger Ninja Self

About half an hour before I needed to go to work, I went into the garden to call Not Cat who had been outside off and on for most of the morning following a game or several on the stairs. I could hear him crying but not see him. I looked up. He was on top of a high wall. Too high for jumping down from. Continue reading