Break Away

Paw Action

Paw Action

So this is the plan: get up and have breakfast; shower, dress and head for the bank to pay my overdue credit card bill. Put bags (clothes, food) into car. Allow coffee to work its way through my system. Head east. Stay overnight on das Boot.

The warm weather has returned. But we have had our warning. These days are numbered. Aunt tells me it will stay mild until November. I do hope she’s right. If she is, I should be able to get to see her a few more times before winter closes in. She accepts I may not see her this time as it will be a twenty-four hour visit where I hope to make das Boot a bit more presentable. Continue reading

Hudy’s Way

The first day of the walking. And after a disturbed night an excellent breakfast at the hotel. Dinner having been fairly unexciting, I didn’t have tremendously high hopes, so that was a lovely surprise.
My left boot felt strangely tight. I couldn’t imagine why. I tied and retired the laces, loosening them and trying to give my foot more space. It worked after a fashion, but all too soon I had the telltale heat of a rubbed heel. I applied a plaster and hoped for the best. It got worse. When there was a stop to drink water I took my boot off and examined it. I pulled out the special insole and realised I had placed it on top of the original insole instead of replacing it. Removed, my boot was immediately much more comfortable, but too late to repair the damage I had done to my heel.
Maybe Hudy, whose walk we did today, had the same problem, because he attempted to fly several times. He failed. I have his story at home, and today I heard it can also be listened to on YouTube. Some friends of Cousin’s are active in recording local stories and collecting up local history, transcribing tomb stones, talking to the old ones. I think they put the booklet I own together.

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Of Gel Seat Covers, Vaseline and Ambience

Back to the bike hire place this morning as the sun streamed through the trees. I was handed a key with a number on it and sent to find the bike that matched it. A blue bike today, still a Gazelle, but this time the Ambience model. On Monday I was, fittingly enough, given the Surprise Hills, cycling a Chamonix. Apparently Gazelle is a major Dutch make of bike, going since the C19 and still made here.
However, despite its name, the ambience on my new bike wasn’t great. It slipped back from third to second gear all the time. At our coffee stop, I bade it a not very fond farewell and acquired a new bike, also an Ambience. During the stop, one of my fellow travellers remarked on the efficacious nature of Vaseline. Does it work, I asked. She was surprised I wasn’t already as lathered in the stuff as she was, and she’s the only rider with the JLo shorts. I trotted across to the mini market and made my second purchase of the day. So combined with the new gel saddle cover, I am walking more normally this evening than I was on Monday. Continue reading