Of Obituaries, Donations, and Family Heirlooms

Well. Quite a day.
Cousin arrived home with a copy of the Guardian while I was waiting for the water to heat so I could have a less than bracing shower. We found Mother’s obituary, and most visitors to the house have sat and read it.
Last week, I left a message with the Linen Hall Library about our grandmother’s autograph book. The person I needed to speak to was on leave, but he called me today and we arranged to meet in the afternoon. That was after we had sorted out the slight misunderstanding that it was an autograph book and not an autographed book I was talking about.
He had brought a couple of autograph books from the collection contemporary with ours. We had been thinking it something pretty special, and while he admired the pen and ink drawings I felt as though my homework was being checked. He checked each page, looking, he explained, for signatures of the famous. Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day 1909

Today in countries around the world people will celebrate St Patrick’s Day. There’ll be processions, hats that defy good taste, lots of green, a fair amount of Guinness sunk.
Back in 1909, in Ireland, my grandmother evidently also celebrated St Patrick’s Day, but rather more quietly. Friends signed her autograph book.

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