Holiday Diary Cont: Some of My Snaps

Now that I am home, the daily posting will probably come to an end quite quickly. However, I already have more photos from today when Kirsty’s mammoth pumpkin (this is not a euphemism) was ceremonially baked, and enjoyed by all.

Those photos will follow.

in the meantime, here is a first selection from the past week: Continue reading


Kalo Himona

This is probably going to be one of my last Holiday Diary entries. This time tomorrow I shall be heading home, back in a London that is several degrees cooler than here.

Apparently it reached 28C today. I wanted some beach time, so after a taverna lunch on top of the hill at Parthenonas, I opted to join two others and come back by taxi instead of sticking with the group and returning on foot.




A wise decision I feel. A chance to have my cake and eat it. So there was a swim in the sea, and some lounging on a lounger under a pretty but not very effective sunshade. Another group member who had taken the whole day off, joined me.

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Of Mosquito Bites, Bee Stings, a Chained Dog, and Lots of Up

I thought I might upload some pictures, but it wasn’t to be. Today we walked up from a town where I drew some much needed cash from a hole in the wall.

Maybe I should make that we walked Up. I have plasters on my ankles from early morning mosquito bites in exactly the right places for my boots to rub.

We have nearly all been bitten. Jackie’s bites look like works of art. They started as small punctures, turned into pink, swollen patches and are now a patina of hues.

There has been a suggestion that we should have some sort of awards ceremony: most bites; biggest bite; smallest bite; bite in most embarrassing place.

Anyway, we went Up and in the foothills met a village where it seems many of the original habitants have sold up and gone. So a typical village in Greece has become a place of holiday homes and self catering for the mainly German visitors.

Lots of cats, and a dog with a death wish who chased cars. I was pleased to see happy dogs wearing collars. Later in the days we met a young, very underweight dog chained on the hillside. He was thrilled to see us. I gave him water and someone else had a biscuit for him. I wanted to take him home. He wants company and something to do. His future is something I find hard to contemplate. Continue reading

In Answer to Your Comments

My apologies for not replying to your comments. Believe me I have tried. The rationing continues. If I wake in the middle of the night, as I tend to do, I shall post this then.

In the meantime; my thanks to Jan. We have supplementary questions which may earn you even more admirers: to wit, are these fungi poisonous, and how likely are we to see them in the UK? I now have a reputation to keep up. Members of the group zealously pointed out fungi to me to photograph today. I haven’t looked at the results, so they may be an out of focus blur. I don’t think I managed to catch a pic of the adder we disturbed I a sunny path. It shot away from us, and must have thought the paparazzi had turned up. It may well still be recovering. Continue reading