Not a Bad Life

As timing goes, it was pretty good. I'd been back on dasBoot rather less than thirty seconds after a longish (in terms of time rather than distance) walk with my camera when the heavens parted and there was a brief but determined shower of rain. Now it's shaping up to be another lovely evening.


Today I had decided to write. Some of you will now that a few years ago I started a collection of short stories about the Greek gods. These grew until I had around 18,000 words and I realised I was writing a novel. Lots of things happened at the same time: Mother's death and its aftermath, giving up my salaried part-time job and going completely freelance, Aunt beginning to fail. I think these things contributed to the cessation of my Greek gods stories, but the main reason was feeling I needed to structure what I had written, to think about what the point if the stories was. I stopped enjoying them and stopped writing them.


However, they have stayed with me. From time to time I have wondered how Hera is getting on, if her walking boots are still conker bright; if Hades and Persephone have managed the makeover of the Underworld; if Zeus has seen even a glimpse of the light regarding his behaviour; and how Poseidon and Amphitrite's business is going. I have wondered what Max and Dr Jones are up to, if Evangelia has moved to another job, if the Goddesses'Guild is thriving. Continue reading

A Gift From the Olympic Gods – My First Olympic Post

I’m going to be away for a week in Ireland from next Tuesday, so I’ll miss the start of the Olympics. Things are really hotting up here.
This giant replica of an Olympic shot put looks as though it has cracked the pavement on impact. It’s called A Gift from the Olympic Gods, and it’s huge.

A Gift from the Gods

This one is in Lambeth, just opposite the entrance to A&E at St Thomas’ Hospital. There are going to be more across London, some are already in place, others are going to be installed over the next few days.
They almost make me wish I weren’t going away.

Greek Gods

I’ve moved all my little stories away to another site, and have contacted those faithful few who have been reading and commenting. I imagine most of my followers here will be breathing a sigh of relief that Hades et al have finally left the stage.
If you have been following and want access, please leave a comment here.