Fecund Friday

It was the wisteria that did it. Another grey day in London. Honestly, you could count the moments of sunshine on the fingers of one hand.


Anyway, there it was tumbling all over the neighbours’ house. It must have been blooming for days, but some reason I only noticed it this morning. The weather doesn’t prepare me for the way the plants have flowered. So, I opened my eyes and saw wondrous things. Huge huge tulips, roses, weeds; a cornucopia of colour to which I have been blind. No camera alas.

So this evening, I decided to stroll my local turf and see what I could see.

First NotCat in the tree, with a red rose behind him.

Red Rose and Ginger Ninja

Then roses everywhere. These pinkish white ones looking like notes on a scale.

A Scale of Roses

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