Inside the Shard

I’m not a great fan of heights, and this job would be so far down my list of things I would like to do you would probably have to tunnel through the earth to Australia to find it.



That chimney you can see to the right of them is Bankside Power Station, aka Tate Modern, and they’re way above that. I was just a few feet away from these smiling men, but the big difference was that I was inside, with strong glass between me and the cold air outside.
Today I visited the Shard. It opens to the public next month, but I was lucky, thanks to my job, to get a preview. Actually, doubly lucky, as I am going again on Sunday as I am a Southwark resident. It would be too much to hope for a free ticket (or two) and a clear day, and if I could change one other thing, it would be to rebuild the Shard with non-reflective glass. If only they’d asked me first.
Anyway, as you can see, visibility wasn’t great and the sky was a greyish white.
Still, St Paul’s always looks impressive.
St Paul's

St Paul’s

I saw St Paul’s from the top of Guy’s Tower once after a carol service. It was dark and the view was spectacular. I don’t know if the Shard is going to be open at night, but if it is, I should like to make yet another visit. Continue reading