Of Cousins, Culture, Colds and My Cat

Crumbs, Friday already, just the weekend and then I fly home. Mind, I should be back in five weeks to enjoy a weekend of culture at the Heaney Homeplace with Cousin’s friend Ann. I have booked my flights this morning, and am texting and whatsapping to arrange cat care for my boy.

Last night we went to see Cousin’s brother, my cousin Tom, who has just retired as a church minister. He and his wife have their hands full packing up the contents of a house that has been home for some twenty years, finding somewhere new to live and visiting their eldest son daily in the hospital where he has been for nearly five months.

Tom was keen to offer me sets of books he will no longer have room for, or maybe I’d like the imposing and very fine sideboard his father thought would be perfect in a rectory. It wasn’t just the fact that the luggage allowance on Easyjet precludes such items that made my refusal more prompt than diplomatic; my own home is full to bursting.

The new house sounds promising, but it needs a lot of attention. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the deal goes through quickly and the most disruptive work can be done before they move in. Retired Church of Ireland clergy do not get magnificent pensions, and this particular cleric has been giving his money to good causes for years.

So our talk ranged through family memories, Young Tom’s anticipated move to the Brain Injury Unit to begin his rehabilitation, removing polystyrene tiles from ceilings and the merits of plasterboard, whether their two cats may move to the country and live at Cousin’s while their dog (don’t stroke her, she may try to bite you) will move with them.

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Colds and Ethical Investment Advice

Still bunged up with the cold, and my nose is as pink as MasterB’s. We look like a pair of out of season Rudolphs.
I went to see a financial adviser today to discuss ethical investment. This is my second attempt. The last one I saw had a view of ethical that did not even seem like a distant cousin to mine.
This went better, until he showed me the companies the ethical investment company invests in. I don’t want to taken to court for libel, (or do I mean slander?) but two of the top names on the list are companies I actively avoid.
This looks like it is going to be harder than I thought.
Anyway, it’s bedtime now, so no decisions tonight.
Sleep well.

Tissues, whisky and Headstrong Cats

Aaargh, I’m coming down with a cold. I can feel it in my limbs and there’s an achy stiffness in my neck and shoulders. My eyebrows feel like they are slowly descending like security shutters. I’m going to curl up with a nice glass of whisky and a book, turn the ‘phone off and head to bed early.

Not Cat is gambolling around the garden. With the Loc8tor working this morning, I found him quickly enough, and i may be wrong about him finding a place in someone’s house. He was quite friendly, but not daft. He knew full well I wanted him to come inside, so he made sure to stay just out of reach; on top of the wall; in the strawberry tree; and when he did come down he went under a car. Continue reading