The Eve of the Funeral

A lovely message tonight from my cousin Helen about my mother and hers. He mother is Aunt Kath best of aunts, who I have blogged about before. They were travelling from Gozo, where they live, to Malta, to get Aunt Kath, now ninety-seven, fitted with hearing aids. Aunt Kath was very concerned about the traffic jam, and they could not get her to understand they were on the ferry. On the way back, fitted with the hearing aids, she understood why she was surrounded by stationary cars.
Dad’s cousin would love to come to the funeral but her husband has dementia and she cannot leave him. My outfit has been approved by my friend Carol. When I told her Mum had died and when the funeral was, her first words were, “Well, you’ll need a haircut.”
MasterB is up close and personal. He seems to have discovered lap sitting about twelve years earlier in his life than Cat did.
I read my tribute to Mum over the ‘phone to a friend and she cried. Is that good or bad?
By this time tomorrow Mum will be cremated. The mourners will have dispersed. For some, maybe most, it will be over, but for her closest family, a new era begins without her. That’s when it gets hard. I hope some of her terrier spirit is in me. I think I’ll need it.