Lessons From History: Tourism and Trump

I woke early this morning and remembered Trump had won the Presidential election. Further sleep was impossible. The television has been turned on in the room on other side of the wall behind my head, so I guess I am not the only one feeling a horrified fascination with the result.

We got an intimation of how it was going yesterday lunchtime at Federation Square where Vcki and I had headed via a boat that looked remarkably like das Boot, only quite a bit bigger.


There was a screen at the square, and the subtitles were reporting gains for Trump. We watched, appalled, for a few minutes, hoped it was wrong, and headed off on Trail 7, Victorian Melbourne. We moved swiftly from the big riverside buildings to homes that have been through cycles of varying status.

It maybe an evolutionary safety device to help us hold onto our sanity in the face of the unthinkable that allows us to inhabit several planes of thought at once.

I love the lace decorations on the older houses in Melbourne, and yesterday’s walk was full of them.

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Riots Tonight?

The holiday gifts have come in handy as Not Cat and I stay behind locked doors this evening.

Pause in the Game

I got home from work about half past five and spent half an hour in the garden with Not Cat. Then I remembered something I wanted from M&S.

Leaving Not Cat alone in the garden, which is in itself a fairly new development and quite nervewracking, I headed for the main road.

Strange. Little knots of people I recognised as local shopkeepers stood on the pavement. The Afghani shop was closed and the shutters were down.

Very strange. It’s usually open until late.

I walked up to M&S. The doors were locked.

Puzzled, I checked my watch and the sign showing opening hours.

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