The Future

If you live in the UK you cannot be unaware of the current debate about refugees coming mainly from Syria. Voxpops by current affairs programmes reveal a divided response. There are those who say we have a moral responsibility to let people who are fleeing situations we are fortunate never to have experienced come into our country. Others say there is no room and no jobs.


It’s not easy.


It’s complicated by the current governement’s determination to dismantle the welfare state. So to those who are already in need and facing ever increasing cuts may see refugees as a threat to their own existence.


It’s classic divide and rule territory.


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Harleston, Norfolk

My friends call it a town, and there are a good number of shops, not to mention pubs, but my AA guide book to East Anglia calls it a village.
For those readers across the pond, AA here stands for Automobile Association, not Alcoholics Anonymous.
We went for a stroll on Christmas Day morning. Naturally I had my little Olympus in my pocket. The guidebook talks tantalisingly of how in summer, ‘the great spread of a rose nursery blazes from the green slopes just outside Harleston. The valley is a froth of blossom in the spring, and in summer is a sparkle of cottage gardens.’ Purple prose maybe, but as it was December, I was in no position to judge.
I saw a very pretty town/village with handsome Georgian buildings, some lovely pargeting, modest cottages,and a contender for the country’s smallest museum.

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City of Contrasts

Back in the City today and as I had my camera handy, I took these pictures.
There is always a huge amount of building going on in the Square Mile, as property owners compete for the best offices to let at huge rents.
The current trend is for very tall buildings with names such as the Pinnacle and the Heron, while just south of the City is the Shard. Sounds like a bit of willy waggling to me: mine’s bigger than yours type of thing.

I have a soft spot for the Lloyd’s building. It’s the most photogenic building I know. Just point a camera at it and the results are at the very least good.

The Lloyds Building

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