The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd December 2021

My work took me out into the cold of the day. I didn’t make any money, today was prep, taking photographs, making the most of the blue skies. Rain is forecast tomorrow. I walked between Park Lane and Bayswater, traversing Hyde Park. London is rich in parks, and although I have visited Hyde Park many times, I can’t truly say I know it. It is vast. I walked through bits I knew, then bits I didn’t recognise to more bits I knew. It was lovely.

After Bayswater it was back through the park to Belgravia, a part of London I don’t like much. It’s all big white houses which look alike to me. A bit of luck as I left the park, the Horseguards, Lifeguards in their red, were making their way back to their barracks and stables. These are sights I missed during lockdown. The daily panoply of pomp with beautiful beautiful horses.

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Another Day in London

Home after a lovely day spent with my friend, and ex-colleague, Vicky.
We were heading for the V&A, and the opportunity to look at and take pictures of the Queen Mother’s Gates, a present to her on her eightieth birthday, was a nice start.

They are a beautiful, fanciful; as frothy as the QM’s famous gauzy floating outfits. We touched and looked, and pointed out our favourite bits. I took some snaps. Continue reading