Cynical Bastards

It’s been a while since I had a rant, and really one is long overdue. For those of you who follow the news here in the UK, you may be aware that the last few days have produced some jaw-dropping events.

IDS (Iain Duncan Smith) has resigned saying the cuts in welfare spending that he has been busy promoting and implementing for six years, have gone too far, and asking David Cameron if he really still thinks “we are all in in together”, which was the Tories slogan for the 2010 election. I do not believe IDS has resigned because he has suddenly developed something approaching a conscience. I believe he sees the chancellor, George Osborne as in a weakened position, and has chosen this moment to stick the knife in. IDS is part of the Brexit campaign; George Osborne part of Bremain. Neither of them does a great deal to attract me to their causes. Make that neither of them does anything that attracts me to their causes. If the choice is just one or the other, we really do need a Third Way, though without Tony Blair.

Now on some occasions I might enjoy watching a bit of internecine action among the Tories, but these posturings do not make for grown up politics, and the referendum, which I bet Dave is really regretting ever mentioning now, is important, and deserves serious attention, not partisan voting along the kick-out-the-foreigners-and-raise-the-drawbridge on one side, and we’re-doomed-if-we-leave on the other. I made the mistake of looking at the Daily Mail to see how that organ of hatred was responding to IDS’ resignation. Mistake. It depressed me for hours, and I am still scared that the people who wrote comments at the end of the articles live in the same country as I do. If Hitler were to stand as their local candidate they’d vote for him. Continue reading

Cuts and Cats

My song for today is Billy Bragg’s Between the Wars. I love Bragg, the Big-Nosed Bard from Barking; love his patriotism that refuses the my-country-right-or-wrong stance; love some of his daft lyrics especially “No amount of poetry can mend this broken heart, but you can put the hoover ’round if you want to make a start”; love the way his mum still wishes he’d stayed in the army where he could have had a *proper* career.

Over the last couple of days I have heard with increasing despondency about Cameron’s cabinet; George Osborne, tipped as a successor; IDS in charge of making £12bn worth of cuts in the public sector; Michael Gove, Minister for Justice.

If you are not a citzen of the UK maybe you don’t know George Osborne, the son of a man who co-founded Osborne and Little, a man shown here being booed at the Paralympics, something of an achievement given the general lovefest that was London 2012.

Here he is being booed again, also at the Paralympics.

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