International Women’s Day

Last year on International Women’s day I said thank you to 101 women who have had a positive effect on my life and helped shape who I am. A lot of them have no idea I exist. It doesn’t matter.
I’m not going for another 101 today, but when I think back to last year there was a group of women who I left out. I am not sure a single sportswoman featured in my list. Then London 2012 happened. So today belatedly I want to say thank-you to all of the women athletes who made it such a memorable summer. For the British team, it was the women who kicked off the summer’s success, so I find it very sad and frustrating that just a few months on the sports sections of the national papers are dominated by men’s sports. In fact, we didn’t have to wait months. It happened almost immediately. Continue reading

One Hundred (and One) Women

For International Women’s Day I want to acknowledge one hundred women who have had positive impacts on my life.

Some are writers. Some are artists. Some inspiring historical figures whose achievements and determination leave me awed. Some were my teachers. Some are my friends. Some are related to me by blood.

There could be more. But one hundred seems a good round number to me.

To all of them, I would like to say thank-you.

So, in no particular order, here they are: Continue reading