Weekly Photo Challenge: geometry

A picture from the fens of East Anglia yesterday.

Weekly photo challenge


Clicker One

Training began today. We had the treats, the clicker, and, most importantly, the dog.
Over breakfast, we rehearsed our roles. The leaflet said we should “start in a quiet area with no distractions”, which would have been fine if the cats had only played their part.
Since I was last here in the summer, the Wee Cat has produced a not-so-wee kitten. It looks very much like an illustration from the book Owl Babies. It lives outside, and is Westie Boy’s playmate. The lesson was about to start when Not-So-Wee Kitten jumped onto the window sill and scratched at the glass. Westie Boy immediately started to dance on his hind legs (lesson ninety-three).
We had already had a delay due to the excitement engendered by the Big Cat climbing through the bathroom window and getting settled in her daytime sleep spot behind the towels where she soaks up the heat from the adjacent hot press.
Finally, we got to work.
Lesson one is about associating the sound with treats. This was easy enough, and our boy quickly got the hang of it. We left off and played with his toy, asking him to sit clickerlessly before the toy was thrown. Sometimes he sat. Sometimes he tried to grab the toy.
So this evening, we skipped the next lesson and moved straight to the sit command with clicker.
Fantastic. What a little star. Even better, we left off the treats and used the biscuits he has in his dish. He even achieved a short sit and wait.
Since I can’t manage camera, biscuits and clicker, I don’t have any photos.
But here he is last night, worn out by the day’s exertions.